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# Format:
# **package**
#   [tag] commit: description.
# tag can be:
#   "fix" for fixes
#   "new" for new or expanded features
#   omitted for changes without any noticeable impact (e.g. some code was refactored, but nothing has changed from a user POV)
# commit: 7-digit commit SHA.  It refers to the merge commit for pull requests.


[fix] bcbdd7b: A typo made it impossible to enter WiFi credentials via XBMC.
81ac8a0: The notification that XBMC has started correctly was moved to the "XBMC-Upstart bridge" add-on.
3bcd7f4: The "guires" setting was removed, as it's now configurable in XBMC on Gotham and later versions.


[new] 2ad022e: The "mkimage" script is now included in the initramfs, allowing to edit and rebuild boot.scr on the CuBox-i.


[new] 9d4afbb: Added configuration file for Apple A1156 remote.


[fix] 680ba9d: compress=lz4/lzo is preserved when upgrading cmdline.txt.
[fix] 680ba9d: update-rc.d understands now more variations on cmdline.
[fix] d341ef4: /etc/os-release now shows the correct URL for bug reports and looks prettier in XBMC's System Information window.
[fix] 8ef5ed4: Added dependency on "ca-certificates", fixing issues with HTTPS.
[fix] e526948: The order sysctl configuration files were read has changed, making it possible to override system values.
[fix] 17f6145: SMB shares containing spaces are now correctly handled in /etc/fstab.
[fix] 38d9a6d: Improved handling of /dev/rtc* devices.
[fix] 77a2465: A couple XBMC "advanced settings" (algorithmdirtyregions, nofliptimeout) are now removed if found, as they're no longer needed.


7d910b5: Converted from a Python script to a XBMC add-on.


a261d58: An old, no longer existing, setting was removed (destroywindowcontrols).


f498d68: A newer firmware (at least 1.5.0) is now required on the Raspberry Pi.

WIP xbian-package-xbmc-scripts

[fix] 361474d: fixed an issue with the XBMC Upstart job not respawning on crash.


[fix] 1e4ef38: The subtitles window is now displayed correctly.


[fix] OS X and Windows installers broke due to SourceForge's URLs changes.
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