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Updating XBian

Your XBian install can be kept up to date in many ways, but all lead to the same core mechanism. As is standard on Debian-based systems, the APT system is used.

How to update

Choose one:

  1. update via xbian-config tool directly from inside Kodi
    • you don't even need a keyboard to do it this way - just use your remote
  2. update via xbian-config tool from terminal (text-based console)
  3. update via apt-get on your own

Turn on auto updates

Auto updates can be configured via xbian-config tool too. With the default configuration, XBian will check for updates daily and will install all stable packages.


Problems while updating python

If you can't run the update proper because of an error with python, run the following commands. 1)
Afterwards the update should work well.

sudo sed -i '/' /var/lib/dpkg/info/python2.7.list
sudo sed -i '/' /var/lib/dpkg/info/python2.7.list

1) Post #21660 from mk01
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