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Mounting NFS from /etc/fstab

Normally NFS support in Linux systems depends on kernel support and NFS services - specific for NFS2/3 servers and NFS4 servers.

By default XBian is not starting those upon boot, but tries automatically guess, if they are needed.

If any NFS mounts are specified in /etc/fstab, base support is loaded, then depending on NFS or NFS4, statd, idmapd and gssd are started.

(still, they can be force started by editing /etc/default/nfs-common and putting “yes” to autoload)

With recent updates to NFS system support, NFS4 as fstab fstype was depreciated and “vers=2/3/4” as mountoption is recommended. For some users there are no issues, for others lost auto mounting for NFS drives in fstab.

This is mostly caused by system trying NFS4 also for fstypes specified as NFS - and failing in few minutes definitely.

Help is very easy, if your mount line in /etc/fstab used to look like this before

my.server:/mount/folder /mnt/nfs nfs rw,defaults,intr 0 0

change it to:

my.server:/mount/folder /mnt/nfs nfs rw,defaults,intr,vers=3 0 0

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